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LaserLight Lighting Audit and Custom Lighting Solution

A LaserLight representative will review the information you have given above, and contact you for further details, and/or to set up an appointment. Prior to the appointment, a copy of a monthly electric utility bill will be needed, and a floor-plan of the space (a copy of the emergency evacuation plan will suffice). A survey of your present lighting will be made, including the energy usage, and a new lighting solution will be proposed, including energy savings and payback calculation. Additional solutions including motion sensing and daylight sensing controls can be discussed, and financial evaluations of these devices performed as well. Our representatives are lighting professionals, ready to discuss the quality of lighting required, as well as the quantity of lighting, and many more technical lighting issues.

LaserLight manufactures specification-grade luminaires and user-friendly control systems for industrial, warehouse, gymnasium, convention center, retail grocery and other large-space areas.


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