According to the U.S. Department of Energy lighting accounts for 30% of the total energy consumption for commercial and industrial buildings in the United States.

At LASERLIGHT, our lighting systems are designed for the long run. We use Sylvania lamps and ballasts with a manufacturer's warranty up to 60,000 hours. That's a five year maintenance cycle! Not only does LASERLIGHT provide our clients more light for less energy, we reduce maintenance costs as well.

Outdated lighting systems have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your HVAC system because of the heat they produce. When these lights are replaced with more energy efficient ones, the heat output from the lighting system also decreases. This in turn, reduces demand on the air conditioning unit which results in added energy savings. The rule of thumb is that for every 3 watts of lighting load saved, you save a watt of AC load. Our clients typically experience energy savings of 45% to 65%!

Example: 400W Metal Halide to T5HO 4-Lamp Retrofit

Typical Energy Savings Calculator

Current Lamp Wattage
Current Number of Lamps
Proposed Lamp Wattage
Proposed Number of Lamps
Utility Rate Cost in $ per kWh after fees
Number of Operating Hours per Day
Number of Days per Week Lamps are used
Monthly Savings

Wattage for Metal Halide lamps including ballast factor:

  • 1000 Watt Lamp = 1,081 Watts
  • 400 Watt Lamp = 458 Watts
  • 250 Watt Lamp = 290 Watts
  • 175 Watt Lamp = 205 Watts

365 Energy Savings Calculator... Step-It-Up

The implementation of fixture control provides the greatest opportunity for increased energy savings in the business environment. The 365 Energy Savings Calculator looks at energy savings optimization achieved through the use of LASERLIGHT's state-of-the-art modular wireless control system. Our unique wireless technology gives users the option to control a single fixture or the entire network with the push of a button. Allocate energy where you need it... when you need it! Through LASERLIGHT'S innovative Intuitive Experiential Programming Method clients can create custom lighting arrangements. The customization of lighting scenes can allow up to 70% energy savings! We encourage our clients to follow the example of Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Through the use of the LASERLIGHT lighting and wireless control system not only has Mandalay Bay experienced energy savings in excess of 60%, but the quality of lighting in their facility has gained them an unprecedented competitive advantage. Savings may vary based on your unique business environment.

Control options include IR remote control with step dimming and write to memory feature, RF module for network control and Panel PC with coordinator software. The coordinator software offers custom scheduling of up to eight different lighting scenes, optimization and automatic execution of light settings, centralized control, and off-site control access.

Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (LBNL) is a U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science national managed by the University of California. LBNL conducts unclassified research across a wide range of scientific disciplines. The following link is to a study conducted by the LBNL on energy saving results achieved through the use of lighting controls.

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