Improve Your Lighting

At LASERLIGHT we specialize in providing our clients more light for less energy. New construction or retrofit, our lighting specialists can custom design a lighting application that will not only cut energy cost, but improve the quality of light in your business environment. Studies show that upgrading your lighting system is not only good for the bottom line, but can improve employee productivity, reduce accidents and mistakes, improve quality control, enhance corporate image and increase customer satisfaction.

LASERLIGHT’s innovative modular system has revolutionized lighting control. Our unique wireless system gives users the option to control a single fixture or the entire network with the push of a button. Allocate energy where you need it…when you need it! Through our Intuitive Experiential Programming operation, reprogramming and commissioning are now simple and effective. This state of the art fixture with wireless control technology earned LASERLIGHT the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Progress Report Award in 2008.

Did you know...Light is the least expensive and most important component influencing human performance...

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